For couples ready to reignite their fire and learn the formula to everlasting romance.

Has Your Fire Gone Out?

Did your relationship begin with that falling in love magic but over time those romantic beginnings left and mundane life took over?

It started with you not having as much sex as you used to, and then less and less intimate connection which has ultimately lead to a feeling of disconnection, frustration and even resentment.

I get it.  At some point it can be scary because you are both still deeply in love but you want more than a simple companionship and you have to make a choice.

This is when my clients come looking for me.

The Unique Solution I Provide

My clients come to me to reignite their fire.

I do this by resetting their intimacy dial to 5 Star quality which teaches them how to be expert lovers and long term partners.

I turn relationship survival into relationship thrival, teammates into soul mates, companions into expert lovers, and separation into the exquisite experience of Sacred Oneness.

I help them ignite their sexual desire and deepen their intimacy so that instead of feeling disconnected, they fall more deeper in love with each other than ever before. 

My clients often say ‘This is the marriage course that we never got”, so if you’re that exclusive couple, apply now for a complimentary Consulting Call.

Let’s create your 5 Star Relationship. 2021 is going to be your year!  

“We look at each other differently now, there’s something more.”

Thomas & Vik

We weren’t looking for a sex course or couples therapy. We weren’t broken or needing to be fixed.  We wanted to grow together and improve our connection.  That’s why we found Orla.

She delivers a relationship course that transformed us on all levels of communication, touch and connection. Thanks to her program we broke an old conflict pattern. Instead of blaming the other person and going around in circles with it being each other’s fault, we now resolve conflict quick and easy through truth and heart centered connection. This was HUGE.

The biggest benefit of working with Orla was to attain a deeper intimacy. The sensual touch training lit a torch inside of me (Vik). Before when we were intimate, I wasn’t turned on and that worried me. I realised through the program why that happened and through the skills Orla taught me, not only do I stay present during intimacy but I’m turned on as soon as I touch Thomas.  Just touching his skin now is different. I’m right there.

The most significant take away is the confidence Orla has taught us. She leads by integrity and inspired that in each of us. That meant following our own heart and making decisions that suited us, instead of following the expectations of others. For me (Vic), that meant quitting my job!

We are now seeing the positive impact not only on our own relationship but in all relationships outside of us. We don’t have to try anymore to get it right. It’s naturally happening now. We look at each other differently. There’s something more.

About Orla

“I believe relationships are the vehicle to today’s conscious evolution and it starts with your most intimate relationship.  Two people and the magic they co-create can shape the world as with the flutter of a butterfly’s wing. “

My name is Orla Quinn, my home is Ireland, being originally from Co Tyrone – which apparently has the ‘sexiest accent in the world’ according to experts : -)

I am a qualified and experienced teacher and facilitator and have enjoyed a long career of doing both in the formal teaching sector and in international development, educating and advocating on international and local human rights. I have a MA in Sociology and dedicated a chapter of my life to local grassroots activism here in Ireland.  Since leaving my ‘professional career’ and hanging up my ‘campaign boots’ I’ve been fully dedicated to & immersed in stepping into my soul mission of creating 5 Star partnerships.

Today I help couples create their 5 Star Relationship through my private & exclusive 3 month program. I use a combination of couple consultation, teaching methodology & skills based training to deliver a consensual communication, sensual touch and conscious connection curriculum that promises to reset relationships to 5 Star Quality.

Orla taught me how to show up as an authentic individual in my relationship.”